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Beach BOOSTER Media Group

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Beach BOOSTER Media Group
Joe Bickerstaff
1 Market Lane, Suite 10
Wasaga Beach, Ontario L9Z 0B6

705-812-5507 | phone
705-241-9762 | cellular

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Hours of Operation
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Beach BOOSTER Media Group

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3 days ago
Joanne Morin , an Anonymous Member,  wrote:
Just Love Beach Booster! Thank you for all you do to represent this Community and all it has to offer! Great articles and ads! Love the look as well! You guys are Fab!

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10 months ago
Peter J Gribbin , a member from Wasaga Beach,  wrote:
Loved seeing the new and expanded edition of our local Beach Booster! We really need an unbiased and informative newspaper/online media and Beach Booster is it! Good luck on the continued expansion and reporting.

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1 year ago
Naomi H. , an Anonymous Member,  wrote:
Love your graphics! They look amazing! What a great media site for Wasaga.

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1 year ago
Sandy C. , an Anonymous Member,  wrote:
Great new site love all the options and info.

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1 year ago
christine fenech , an Anonymous Member,  wrote:
love the new website!! very informative and captutres the true community vibe with excellent info graphics!!

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1 year ago
Shine Web Creations Inc. , a member from Wasaga Beach,  wrote:
Getting great feedback on our bus bench seat. Thanks guys. It Works!

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