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This business is located in Barrie. At Chelsea Chocolates, respect flavours our quality chocolate, from our history to every batch of handcrafted chocolates produced daily. On every step of our journey, we This is who we are, pr... - more

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3471 Penetanguishene Rd
Barrie, Ontario
Phone: 705-725-9210
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This business is located in Stayner. As new owners, Lisa and Robin were able to secure Mark Aarden’s expert tutoring in the art of chocolate. It is very important to maintain the level of quality Aarden's Chocolates is known for, and to ... - more

2 Reviews
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Location Map
7278 Hwy 26
270 Main St. East
Stayner, Ontario
Toll-Free: 877-365-2469
Phone: 705-428-3385
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This business is located in Midland. has not provided a description.
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Location Map
485 Dominion Ave.
Unit 1
Midland, Ontario
Toll-Free: 1 877 526 9246
Phone: 705-245-1844
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